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Terms and Conditions

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you must notify us within 24 hours of receiving your package. If you are not satisfied in any way, we will do whatever we can to solve the problem to your satisfaction.

How to Order
We here at Leopard Geckos Unlimited try to have the transaction of a new reptile to be as smooth and convenient as possible. Before making a decision most customers seek additional information, or want to ask questions about the mew specimen that they choose.

For this reason we have set up a simple method that assures everyone to be satisfied and happy with there purchase.

First Step: To start the ordering process, first select the specimen(s) that you are interested in and contact us. The easiest way to contact us is through are contact page on our web site. It is a simple contact form in which you will include your name, email address, telephone number (optional), and a message box where you include the stock number from our available page. We will then respond back to you with a total including shipping and any other information that we feel is relevant to your order, Also we will answer any questions you may have, and supply any additional info that concerns your specimen(s).

Second Step: Reply back to our email confirming that you do indeed want to complete your transaction, and we will place the gecko “On hold”. The gecko will be placed on hold for a period of seven days until the payment has been received. Alternately, you can simple make an immediate payment using the PayPal link on our web site. Once we here at L.G.U. receive your payment you will be sent an email suggesting a shipping date, time, and any additional information.

Please read our deposit / payment information policies and our guarantee policies. Exchange of monies indicates that you do indeed accept these policies.

Third Step: Reply back to our email using our contact form indicating that you do agree to the shipping date we sent. If this date is not good for you, feel free to suggest an alternative date. After a date has been agreed upon , you will be sent an email confirming that date and any additional information that is needed at that time.

Fourth Step: On the morning of the agreed shipping date, an email will be sent confirming shipments “expected” arrival time, containing the tracking number, and any information that may be important in getting you gecko(s) to you healthy and on time.

Additional Tips:

 - Be aware of the laws in your area. There are some jurisdictions that might have regulations pertaining to the importation of certain reptile species. Leopard Geckos Unlimited cannot be aware of the laws in all of the cities and states across the country.
We here at L.G.U. ship geckos at the customers request and for that reason we will not assume responsibility should a local law be broken or violated.

-Have a back up plan. Late shipments are not common, but they do happen. Make sure you give yourself a margin of error just in case something happens.

-Spam blockers can cause problems when trying to communicate, so when starting the ordering process put us on your O.K. list or turn off your email spam blocker.

-If your home or shipping address changes, make sure you inform us here at Leopard Geckos Unlimited.

-When contacting back and forth with Leopard Geckos Unlimited only use one email address. Many customers have different email addresses at home and at work, If trying to contact the customer it is almost guaranteed that the email will be sent to their home when their at work, and to work when their home.


Hold Policy: After an email has been sent to us confirming that payment is on its way, the desired gecko(s) will be placed “On Hold”. The specimens will stay held for a period of seven days, in which payment is expected to be fulfilled unless otherwise agreed upon. Should payment not be received by the end of the seven day period all geckos will be released and be available to the next interested party. Customers are encouraged to use credit card through the paypal service. This service is private, free of charge to the customer, and we are notified by email as soon as the payment has been sent. This method assures that you will get your geckos on time and that payment is fulfilled in a timely fashion. 

Deposits: Deposits can be made on geckos of the customers choosing. They are 25% of the price of the specimen. Customers that are wishing to have geckos placed on hold shall, after an email has been received confirming payment is on its way. The order shall be placed “On Hold” for a period of 21 days. If payment is not received after the 21 day grace period, the geckos will be released back to the public or to the next customer in line. Also the deposit shall be forfeited to Leopard Geckos Unlimited unless other wised agreed upon.

Payment: Payment can be made via paypal, personal check, money order, or cashiers check. Make all checks payable to:

Leopard Geckos Unlimited
3727 Carson Ave. #2
Cincinnati, Ohio 45211

Customers wishing to pay buy credit card should use the paypal services. It is safe, secure, and very fast. It is free to the buyer and we are notified by email as soon as payment has been sent.

Please do not send cash through the mail. Note that personal checks that do not clear are not qualified as payment and may result in the customers right to place geckos “On Hold”. All checks that do not clear will be charged a $30 NSF fee.

Once payment has been received in full an email will be sent to arrange a shipping date. Failure to accept shipment within 14 days (accept caused by weather) will be considered abandonment, and all monies will be forfeited to L.G.U.

All orders will include an invoice with shipment. Make sure to include your name, mailing address, and an email address with all correspondence. If this information is not provided, it can be very difficult to match checks with the correct customer.

We use UPS or Fed Ex shipping over night, shipping cost is $45 - $55
All reptiles are shipped in a well insulated box.
We use 40 hour heat packs in cold weather and cold packs in hot weather.


All geckos are captive born by our staff here at Leopard Geckos Unlimited. We go to extreme measures to assure that the specimens that all shipped out are in perfect health and that they are feeding on there own for at least two weeks. All Leos have worms available in there dishes daily. We will not ship out anything that we here at L.G.U. would not be completely satisfied.

We guarantee live arrival of your purchase. After the geckos leave our facility we cannot guarantee that proper care is being provided. For this reason we only guarantee live arrival. After your order has been shipped and received there is a 48 hour return policy that goes into effect. This gives the customer enough time for inspection of there purchase. We will replace any gecko that is not satisfactory with a Leo of the same type. If there is not a gecko of the same type a refund or credit will be applied. We reserve the right to issue a refund or replacement solely at L.G.U. discretion.

We want the customer to completely satisfied with the gecko(s) that they order. We will be more than happy to supply any photographs of the specimens that are being ordered.

We breed and raise many of these reptiles every year. If you need any information on how to care for leopard geckos we will be happy to provide it.

Live Arrival Guarantee: When the order you have placed arrives at your door an adult must be present to sign for the package on the first delivery attempt (a signature will be required). You might have to work with us on shipping in the cases of extreme weather. The temperature must be between 45 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. No guarantees will be given for shipments exposed to extreme weather. Any thing below 45 degrees or over 95 degrees will be considered extreme weather. If temperatures are not good on our end then shipment will be delayed.

After your shipment has been delivered we must be contacted within 24 hrs. Please provide a description of your order when it arrives.

If a problem does occur shipping cost is not refundable by us, although the carrier may provide shipping cost if they are at fault.

If when shipment arrives, in the case of a death, we reserve the right to request the frozen carcass to be shipped back to us.

Guarantees only apply to the original purchaser and name on the invoice. They are not transferable.

Any of these policies that are not followed will void all guarantees that are provided.

48 Hour Return Policy: In the event of a return, we must be contacted within 48 hrs from the time of arrival. Failure to contact us within 48 hrs will forfeit your right for a return. In the event you are not happy with your gecko all shipping cost will be responsible buy the customer.

Guarantees only apply to the original purchaser and name on the invoice. They are not transferable.

Any of these policies that are not followed will void all guarantees that are provided.

Sexing Guarantees: Many of our geckos are sold as “temperature sexed or T.S.”. This means that the geckos were incubated at temperatures that are known to produce a certain given sex. But in nature there are always exceptions, and for that reason we cannot guarantee there sex when listed this way.

Geckos that are sold as visible sexed for male or female at the time of sale are guaranteed by us.

If a return must be made for a guarantee do to sex we must be contacted within 48 hrs from time of the shipments arrival.

Guarantees only apply to the original purchaser and name on the invoice. They are not transferable.

Any of these policies that are not followed will void any guarantees that are provided.

Before sending any money to Leopard Geckos Unlimited be sure that you have read all policies and guarantees. Money that has been sent signifies acceptance of all policies.

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